John Camp's tombstone in the Lebanon Methodist Church Cemetery near Princeton, Laurens Co., South Carolina.
John Camp

Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina,
and Georgia

According to family stories this particular family was instrumental in the Battle of Kings Mountain and Cowpens in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War but the DAR has problems with the truth of this story.  Anyone applying for DAR membership for this ancestor will have to find proof that he was not "a traitor". 
See the notes of 1783.   

b. 13 Oct 1743 Orange Co (now part of Culpeper Co.), VA
d. about 29 Dec 1818 Jackson Co., GA[based on the will below]
buried: Lebanon Church, Greenville, SC

m. Mary Tarpley 30 Jan. 1764 Lunenburg, now Charlotte Co., VA(John Camp's cousin)
b. 30 Oct 1740 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co. VA
d. (according to Mann p8) 17 Aug. 1789 probably in S. C. (note the will below 1918 lists Mary as a wife)
(according to Mann p8) 96th Dist., S.C.
her father: James Tarpley         her mother: Mary Camp
father: Thomas Camp
mother: Winifred Starling
Anneyomy Camp
(sometimes written as Annie Naomi)
b. 1762 Orange Co., NC* p. 50
d. after 1850 Walton Co., GA m. John Hill c1782*
Thomas Camp b. 1765 N C* d. aft 1820 Hall Co., GA# m. Susan Wagoner 1781 Greenville, SC# (b.c1766 NC d. aft. 1818 Jackson Co., GA)
(dau. of John Wagoner - who d. 1794, Spartanburg, SC)#
James Camp b. 1768 Orange Co., N C* d. about 1830, Georgia m. Mary Berry about 1783 in Orange Co., N. C. (b. ABT 1755/60, probably Orange Co., N. C. - d. BEF 16 April 1812, probably Jackson Co., GA) possible daughter of Robert Berry (b. ABT 1735 -d. ABT 1814, Orange Co., N. C.). (much more on this family here)
her first marriage about 1775, in Orange County, Virginia, to George Waggoner, (d. 1781) by whom she had daughters, Elizabeth and Ann. George Waggoner likely related to Susannah D. Waggoner, wife of Thomas Camp, brother of James.
Starling Camp b. 24 Nov 1771 Rutherford Co., NC* d. 15 Apr 1851 McMinn Co., Tenn m. Anna Helm 25 Dec 1800*
William "Snipe Bill" Camp b. 1773 Rutherford Co., NC* d. after 1812 Elyton, Jefferson Co., AL m. Sarah Eliz. Reeves d 12 Dec 1858 AL
her 2nd m. ? Dun/Dunn
Abner Camp b. 12 Jul 1775 Rutherford Co. NC* d. 17 Sep 1853 Winder, GA m. Elizabeth Ragsdale* 1798 (dau of Peter Ragsdale)
Kezziah Camp b. 20 May 1777 Rutherford Co. NC* d. 14 Aug 1835 Greenville Co., SC m. Benjamin Arnold - 5 Feb 1795*
(son of Benjamin Arnold and Anne Hendrick)
John Camp Jr. b. d. m. Eliza Thomason
Sara Camp b. c1770 d. 21 Oct 1854 m. Thomas Graydon@ b.c1770*
Winifred Camp b. abt 1765
d. m. Thomas Kinman* 1795 Laurens Co., SC

1743 - John Camp is the third born to Thomas Camp and Winifred Starling in Orange Co., VA.

1764, Jan 30 - John Camp marries Mary Tarpley of Williamsburg, VA, sister of Rev. John Tarpley, founder of Methodism in VA. and a descendent of Wm. Tarpley of Brewton parish. [DAR records of the Camp Fam. data]

1776 - Camp, John Lt. , Revolutionary soldier- served under Col. Roebuck. AA. 1014; x3424; C. S fought at the Battle of Kings Mtn., South Carolina 1780

1777 - Camp, John Caswell 1777
North Carolina Taxpayers, 1701 - 1786 Vol.1 -2
Genealogical Pub. Co. Inc. , Baltimore, Ohio 1989

p. 65 of the Arnold Family Book,
"'Col. Benj. Arnold, m. Kezziah Camp b. 20 May 1777. They lived on Horse Creek in Greenville county, S. C., both buried near ... (These are WDS grandparents)' & again on page 58 'Benj. Arnold Jr. (my grfather) m. Kezziah Camp.'" [Camp family file, DAR library, May 4, 1953]

1778- Old first Register. No. 360 (granted April 1) John Camp claiming 150 acres on land on the north side of Broad River joining and below Richard Henderson's land including his own improvement. Also joining land of Mr. hill, Dec. 4, 1778 [records of Rutherford Co., NC]

1780 - Sept - John, Nathan, and Thomas Camp (probably John's brother), another Thomas Camp, a Benjamin Camp and an Edmund Camp participated in the Battle of Kings Mtn. [Alderman, Pat "The Overmountain Men"]

1781-  Although the following paragraph has been passed down as fact, Deason Smith believes that we need to look at this story more carefully.   See his lengthy and detailed article largely researched by Mrs. Mildred Brownlee in 1991.  It is too long to be included in this page so use this link. Sullivan's Company Roster and Problems of Entrenched Disinformation

1782 - Deed book A-D, page 203.  Dated October 28, 1782.
State of North Carolina, Grant No. 253 - for 50 shillings for each 100 acres, to John Camp - 150 acres in Tryon County on north side of Little Broad River joining Richard Henderson's land and Mr. Hill's land. [Mann p. 45]

1783, January- Rutherford Co., N.C.  A summons is issued for 116 individuals to appear before the Committee and Council for Safety by the sheriff.   According to the essay of W. Griffin, partially included here, that the area now known as Rutherford county "was reputed  to be one of the strongest Tory regions in the state."  Pressure was brought on them to contribute to the revolutionary cause or else.   When they didn't respond, "Governor Caswell in 1779, ordered 250 infantry and 25 horsemen to disarm all persons in the that county as well as in Anson, Tryon and Guilford who might give trouble to the Cause."

"'Whereas, summons having issued to the sheriff to notify the following persons to answer an inquisition of treason, felony and forfeiture found against them by the Grand Jury, to-wit:  ( a list of 116 individuals including  John  Harris, Grandshaw Camp, John Camp, John Camp, Jr., James Camp. .....) '

'And now being solemnly called to shew cause why their property should not be confiscated failed to appear or show any cause, it is therefore ordered by the court that their property be adjudged forfeited.'

While these did not appear, there was a large number of others who had been similarly summoned who appeared and apparently gave satisfactory explanations for their conduct. "  By all appearances the Camps mentioned did not show up to prove this incorrect.  Hopefully someone may find a document that will confirm the loyalty to the revolutionary cause.  It apparently was somewhat common for the farmers of the area to first support one side then the other.  The DAR only will accept one conversion to the cause. [Griffin. pp. 38-42] [no one has applied under this name since 1991, Elroy's conversation with the librarian of the DAR Wash, DC 3/29/06]

1784- Deed Book 22-23, page 334.  Dated October 10, 1784, recorded July 20, 1805.  state of North Carolina, Grant No. 397 - John Camp, 200 acres in Tryon County, on both sides of 2nd Broad River.  [Mann p. 45]

1787- Deed Book J- L., page 202.  Dated February 21, 1787, recorded June 6, 1794.  John Camp to Alexander Cooper, both of Rutherford County, North Carolina, for 50
£ , 100 acres.  Witnesses: William Cooper and John Standford.  [Mann p. 45]

1787- Deed Book J-L, page 42. Dated April 12, 1787, recorded June 27, 1793. John Camp Planter, to Samuel Hunter, both of Rutherford County, North Carolina, for 25
£, 100 acres on south side of 2nd Broad River.  Witnesses: William Yancdy and Sam'l Swamy. [Mann p. 45]

1784-1799 in the Minutes of the County Court of Spartanburg Co., S. C. Vol. I 1792 - Deed Book MQ, page 49 - 28 -1792, recorded June 3, 1795.
John Camp of Greenville county, South Carolina to Daniel Miles of Rutherford County, N. C. for 35 lb 150 acres in Rutherford Co., N.C. on Second Broad River. Witnesses: James Camp, Thomas Camp and John Camp. [records of Rutherford Co., NC]

1788-1799- Location book D, Greenville Co., courthouse, Greenville, S. C.

1798 - John Camp files applies for a plat for 276 acres on a branch of Peachline Creek, Laurens County, Ninety Six District, Surveyed by Benjamin Arnold.  [South Carolina Archives on line, doc. #S213192, vol. 0037, page 00116. item 001]

1799 - William Camp applies for a plat for 132 acres on a branch of Peachins and Rabourns Creeks in Laurens County, Ninety Six District, surveyed by Benjamin Arnold on March 30, 1799.  Other names listed are probably witnesses,  Benjamin Arnold, John Camp Sr., and Nathan Camp.    [South Carolina Archives on line, doc. #S213192, vol. 0037, page 00270. item 004]

1800 - US Census.  South Carolina

Greenville Dist.  Series: M32  Roll: 47  Page: 273
Camp, John                    1 0 0 0 1 - 0 0 1 0 1 - 0 3
Camp, Thomas               1 2 1 0 1 - 0 2 0 0 1 - 0 0

1801- Deed Book D, page 182.  Dated December 3, 1801.  John Camp to Joseph Camp, both of Jackson County, Georgia, for $100, 100 acres.  Witnesses: John Strother and Johnson Strong, J. P. [Mann p. 47]

1803- Deed Book D, page 184.  Dated August 9, 18803.  John Camp of Jackson County, Georgia, for good cause bequeaths to Anneomy Hill, his daught, one negoe boy Matt. Witnesses: Thomas Camp, Sen. and Thoms Camp, Minor.  [Mann p.47]

1810- Deed Book 41-42, page 7 Dated Sept. 6, 1810 recorded Jan. 7, 1833.
John Camp of Jackson county, Georgia to Jacob Fisher of Rutherford County, North Carolina for $800. 158 acres plus on 2nd Broad River, Rutherford County, N,.C. (patent John Camp Oct. 28, 1782) Witnesses: Stephen Camp, Jurat and Peter Fisher.
            [records of Rutherford Co., NC]

1810- John Camp senior, makes a will which is not recorded in the county.   It has been maintained over time by relatives of Jennifer O'Kelley large suitcase with many other family documents. I have transcribed the will with all spelling as I have been able to read it.  A puzzling problem for me with this will is "who is Mary Camp?" the beloved wife of John.   Most have thought that Mary Tarpley Camp died in 1789 but that may not be the case a indicated here.  We need more information to prove there was a second marriage and who it may have been. 

"In the name of God Amen I John Camp sener of the state of Georgia and Walton County Being in my parfeet reason but being very low in Body and Helth and Considering the mortality of my Body and that it is apointed once for all men to Die I therefore Constitute and apoint this my last wil and testiment and in the first place I will and Bequeath unto my well Beloved Wife Mary Camp if she the said many Should proove to be the Longest Liver (all my Estate Both Rarall and personal all during her natural Liffe for her soport and as I hereby do Constitute and apoint my well beloved son Abner Camp my whole and sole Execeter in law of my whole Estate Both reall and personall I allso apoint sd Abner Camp at my Deces to take my wife mary with all and singular ofmy Estate into his Cear and Keeping and that he the sd Abner Shall soprt and maintain the sd Mary Camp during her natural Life in a Comfortable way or manner of my Estate and after the Deces of my wife Mary and after my Lawful Debts is or shall be paid I give and Bequeth all my Estate both reall and personal wit all Bils and Bonds and other Debts to be devided in manner and form following to wit after the Deces of my self and my wife Mary Camp  do Constitute and apoint my Executer Abner Camp to Expose to sale to the Best advantage all my Estate that .....(torn) Leave behind me in this world and makering an Equal Devide with ..(torn) .  Children  Exept my sone Thos Camp which has REcieved from me all.. (torn)

Page 2
Ever intend to give him also  Wilm Camp has recieved from me all I Ever will give him also my daughters Salley Gradon and Anniomey Hill and Winey Kinmon the several above named person I Do these presants Exemp from Every obtaing any parte or parcel of my Extate but my will and Desier is that after the Execeter Recieved sattisfaction out of my Extate for all trouble and Expence that he the sd Execter Abner Camp may be to pay to Each Legatee their Eaquil part whose names ar here written whom I own as my Lawful Legatees to witt my son James Camp Starling Camp Abner camp and my daughter Kiziah Arnold in witness and testimoney hereof I hereunto do set my hand and afix my seal this 29th Day of Dec.r 1818.  "  [copy of original provided by Jennifer O'Kelley  3/30/08]

See the original document here. These are very large files. 
 John Camp will part 1.          John Camp will part 2.

John Camp will part 1    John
              Camp will part 2

1810-S. Carolina

1812 - Robert Berry makes his will in Orange County, N. C.

1818 - John Camp dies in Jackson Co., GA but is buried in Lebanon Church, Greenville, SC.

Lebanon Church, SC   Lebanon Church cem.
The Lebanon Church and the old 1832 cemetary markers near Princeton, SC.  One of the markers is of John Camp.
photos courtesy of a lost coorespondent. 

1848 - Walton County, Testimony of Anneyomy Hill before Tillman McDonalds.  Walton County Georgia At present I don't know why Anneyomy Hill was giving testimony but it sounds like she is proving that the children listed are the true heirs of the estate of James Camp and/or Mary Camp. 

"Tillman McDonalds - an acting Justice of the peace in said county
Anneyomy Hill and being duly sworn in Terms of the law deposess and saith on oath. That she knew James Camp and Mary Camp his wife and Mary Camp wife of James Camp had five children that she knew one by the name of John Camp and one by the name of Robert B. Camp one by the name of Joseph Camp one by the name of Starling Camp and one daughter by the name of Sarah Camp who married a man by the name of Humphris one that the same all them five children sd ack Mary Camp wife of James Camp often (tom?) one that they were all born in North Carolina four of them was born in Rutherford county and that she was present when John and Robert B. Camp was born and went to se Mary Camp the next day after Joseph Camp was born and they moved from Rutherford County North Carolina to South Carolina near the line of Lawrence and Greenville Districts  Sworn to and subscribed to be me the 29th March 1848. 

                     seal                  Anneyomy  X Hill
[copy of original provided by Jennifer O'Kelley  3/30/08]


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