Carroll Collier Family

Carroll Lloyd Collier
b. 18 Mar 1923 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX
d. alive

m. Midred Louise Ferguson 9 Nov 1946 Oak Christian, Dallas, TX
b. 12 May 1927 Dallas, TX
d. alive
her father:  Forest Ray Ferguson
her mother: Lillian Steams 

his father - Walter Smith Collier
his mother - 
Mable Clara Thomas

children with Mildred Ferguson
John Carrol Collier
b. 26 Jun 1948 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX d. m.Shirley Ann Ferrell 18 Aug 1967
(b, 18 Nov 1946)
Lilla Ann Collier b.21 Nov 1949 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX d.      
m. Johnny Mack Wortham 23 Mar 1968 Wolf City, TX
(b. 4 Sep 1949)
Loraine "Lori" Collier b.5 Nov 1954 Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx d. m. Gary Stephen Howell (b. 31 May 1951TX)
Stephen "Steve"
Ferguson Collier
b.  3 Apr 1956 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX d. m. Barbara McCollough (b. 18 Dec 1955 Midland, TX)
Thomas "Tom" Collier
b. 3 Jun 1962 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX d. m. Debbie Shackelford 24 Aug 1985 Austin, TX
(b. 29 May 1961 Austin, TX)
Grant Norman Collier b.21 Dec 1964 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX d. m.

Carroll lived in Dallas where all the children attended school and graduated. Carroll Collier takes some art instruction from Forrest Kirkland, a first cousin of Carroll's father. He worked for Forrest for a while at six dollars a week but didn't find this enough and eventually took a job for more money in another field. This was a especially important during the Depression.  

"Forrest had taken a mail order course in drawing at some point. He invited me to his house once a week to teach me drawing and let me take the mail order text home to study from. I was fourteen at the time I worked for him for a few months at six dollars a week, depression period, then took a job that paid more,but not in the art field."[Carroll Collier email 2/22/05]
1942 -"I was in the Army at the time. My school was the art department while in the service. Other than that my schooling was from books and practice. " [Carroll Collier email 2/22/05]

Carroll Collier family
Carroll and Mildred Collier with children in 2008
"Carroll and I in front and our children behind.
right to left in birth order are John, Lilla, Lori, Steve, Tom, and Grant."
[photo courtesy of Carroll and Mildred Collier]

See Carroll Collier's work here Gallery Shoal
Carroll's oldest son, John Collier, is a very well known illustrator and sculptor.

See John Collier's work here

More recently John Collier received the commission to create a memorial sculpture for St. Peter's Catholic Church in New York which is one block from the World Trade Center and whose parishioners worked in the center and were lost on 9/11.  It is known as "The Catholic Memorial at Ground Zero".

Grant, Carroll's son, is working in New York as a web site designer.  
Tom and Steve are both Architects in Austin TX. Tom has just received a Phd in biomedical Engineering from the U of TX.[John Collier email 2/22/05]

Edith Collier and Roy Kirkland, Forrest's son, go to movies together while she is in high school.

1970 -
" I gradually went from illustration into the fine arts starting in around 1970."

Spring, oil painting
Carroll Collier. "Spring," oil 1973 "18 x 24"
reproductions by permission of the artist.

Stone Mountain,
Carroll Collier.  "Stone Mountain, Georgia," oil 2005  24" x 30"
reproductions by permission of the artist. 



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