Thomas Glascock Family

Thomas Glascock
b.  1 Jun 1640 Rappahannock, Virginia
d. abt  1701 Richmond, VA

m.  Anne Nichols before
b. 14 Jul 1655 Virginia
d. 1713 Richmond, VA
her father: George Nichols        her mother: ?Margery Davy

his father: Thomas Glascock (b. 1611 Essex, Eng  d. 1677 Warwick, VA)
his mother: Jane Juet

Elizabeth Glascock
b. abt 1662
d. 1762
1m. John Tarpley (b. 1660 Rappahannock, VA d. 1693)  (no children) son of John Tarpley and Mary
2m. William Downman (b 1672 d. 1772 (no children)
3m. Thomas Griffin (b. 1670 d. 1770)         (two children)
Thomas Glascock
b. abt 1670
d. 8 Jan 1715 or 25 Old Richmond, VA
m. Ann Nichols (B. abt 1672 Old Richmond, VA d. 3 Mar 1714 Richmond, VA)
 Winifred Glascock
b. 1672
d. 27 Feb 1753
m. Anthony Sydnor (18 Jan 1682 Lancaster, VA  d. Oct 1759 Richmond, VA)
Jean Glascock
b. 10 Jul 1673 Farnham, Rappahannock Co., VA
d. bef 1773
m. Roland Lawson (abt 1672 d. 1716 Lancaster, VA)
George Glascock b. 1675 Indian Banks, VA
d. 1714 Indian Banks, Virginia
m. Million Downman b. 21 Oct 1683 d. 25 Oct 1750 Farnham, Richmond, VA (dau of Downman)
Frances Glascock
b. 14 Jul 1680 Richmond, VA
d. 20 May 1744 N. Farnham Par., VA
1m. Charles Barber (b. 19 Jun 1676 Richmond, VA d 27 Nov 1726 Richmond, VA)
Ann Glascock
b. abt 1690 Richmond, VA
23 Nov 1738 Richmond, VA
her 1m, his 3 m. John Tarpley  (b. 1660 d. Jan 1713 Richmond, VA) son of John Tarpley and Mary

One researcher says that the plantation that George Glasscock had was called Indian Banks, Farnham, Richmond Co., Virginia.  It was call "Indian Banks" because it was part of the land where the Morraughraownas Indians lived when white men first settled at Jamestown in 1607.  George Glasscock built the mansion home called "Indian Banks" which was later the home of Mary Ball, mother of George Washington.

INDIAN BANKS was originally built in 1699 on the site of a Moraughtacund Indian village visited by Captain John Smith in 1608, but the name, Indian Banks, was not recorded until 1822 when the property was sold by Aldea Glascock to Thomas Dobyns. On 7/28/1652 Thomas Glascock (1640 - 1701) of Essex, England, was granted 600 acres of land on the north side of Morattico Creek for the transport of his wife, Jane Just Glascock, and two others. Thomas, who immigrated to Virginia 1643, had two known sons, Thomas Glascock II and Col. George Glascock (1675 - 1715), who built the original house. Captain William Glascock (1704 - 2/5/1784), son of Thomas II, built the present house in 1728 and lived there with his wife, Esther Ball Glascock. By 1730 he had established public warehouses at the landing at Indian Banks. Other members of the family who owned the tract included Richard Glascock who left the property to his son, Milton Syms Glascock, after the death of Milton's mother, Elizabeth, around 1800. Milton Glascock bequeathed it to his son, Aldea Amazon Glascock, who sold it to Thomas Dobyns in 1822 with 342 acres for $7,500. The house is still privately owned.

THOMAS GLASCOCK (1661-62, Richmond Co. - 1725-26, Fauquier Co.), lived on Farnham Creek about three miles north of Indian Banks. He was the grandson of Thomas and Jane Just Glascock, the son of Gregory Glascock (1634-44, England - 1690, VA) and the first cousin of Col. George Glascock of Indian Banks. Thomas married Sarah Stone in 1689 and their children were Gregory, John, Elizabeth, Thomas Jr., Sarah Stone and Peter Glascock. On 11/5/1723, for reasons unknown, Thomas stabbed to death one William Forrester. After the murder Glascock and his son Gregory, then 23, left in a small boat, but Gregory was put ashore about five miles below Morattico Creek and from there traveled as far as Norfolk before returning home. Upon his return he was named as an accessory to the murder; however, his testimony and that of his brothers resulted in his release. Thomas Glascock was never heard from again. Sarah Glascock remained with her children on Farnham Creek, but after her husband's indictment his property was confiscated and Robert "King" Carter took possession of his estate. Carter's 1726 will stated, "if my son John (Carter) comes to enjoy the said Glascock's lands under a good title that he then further consider the said Glascock's children in such proportion as he shall think fitt, or otherwise gratify them according to his discretion." Since both John and Peter Glascock settled on land owned by John Carter in Prince William County, it appears that Carter's son honored his father's request.   

1715-1716 Will of Robert Downman, brother of Million, also shows other relationships.
Robert Downman, Farn. Par., will; 7 Mar 1715, 4 Jul 1716 all land to bros. William and Travers; godson John Glascock; sisters Million Glascock, Elizabeth Downman, and Prisilla Downman; brother Rawleigh; ex: bros. Rawleigh and William; wits: Thomas Dale, Anne Tarpley, Mary Nickols. p. 272 [Headley p. 33]

1714 - Jun 2 - Inv. of George Glascock. Virginia Wills.  p. 184  [Headley p. 28]

1728, Apr 5 -  Farnham Parish, Virginia will ; 1 May 1728 bro. William land in Stafford Co. containing 1272 ac, and he is to pay to William and Rawleigh Downman (sons of my bro. Rawleigh)  20 pounds sterling at age 21; William Downman (son of my bro. William) land lying in the fork of the Totusky which was left to me by my bro. Robert Downman, if he has no heirs, to Travers Downman (son of my bro. William); kinsman John Glascock all land left to me by my father being on the head of the branches of Totuskey, if he has no heirs, to my bro. William; kinsman William Glascock a silver-hilted sword; kinsmen George and Thomas Glascock; sisters Million Glascock, Elizabeth Pinkard, and Priscilla Heale; ex: bro. William; wits: Thomas Dew, Alexander Clark, Alexander (Butharan). [Headley.  Wills of Richmond Co Virginia. 1699-1800 ., p. 63]

1738, Nov 23, 7 May 1839 - John Tarpley , will.
wife Ann; youngest grson. John Tarpley plant. whereone I now dwell, if he was no heirs, then to grson.  James Tarpley; grson. Travers Tarpley my mill called the New Mill standing on Constable's Run at the head of Farnham Creek; eld. dau. of grson. Travers Tarpley, Betty; grson. [Fortius] Quintus Tarpley; wife to live in my dwelling house with my grson. John during her widowhood or otherwise if she should think fit, she should have my plant. at the head of Moratico which I bought of Mr. Lawson; desires est. to be div. by Col. Charles Grimes and Capt. Leroy Griffin; ex: grsons. Travers and John Tarpley; wits: Thomas Bluett,  Eleanor Bluett, Rebecca Closington.  (John Tarpley mar. Anne Glascock, Jan 1712/13.  MRC, p. 204.  Anne Tarpley reliquished her legacy in this will, 7 May 1739.  AB 1, pp. 134, 146.]   [ Headley  p. 79]

1739/40 - Thomas Glascock, will; 16 Feb 1739/40, 7 Apr 1740 mother Million Glascock all est; ex: bros. William and George; wits: Robert Downman, John Glascock, Joseph Palmer. Virginia Wills p. 355 [Headley p. 81]

1747/50 - Millian Glascock, will; 5 Nov 1747, 3 Dec 1750 sons George and John; grsons. George (son of George), William Jr., and Thomas to receive the mill; grdaus. Judith, Millian, Winnie, and Priscilla; ex: son John; wits: John Durham, George Phillips, Gregory Glascock. Virginia Wills p. 644 [Headley p. 103]

1756, May 27 =   5 Jul 1756   John Glascock, will.
nephew William Glascock (son of bro. William) tract of land I bought of William Rought; nephew George Glascock (son of bro. George); nieces Judy and Winnie Glascock; Samuel and Winnie Peachey; nephew Thomas Glascock; wits: William Glascock (son of William and Thomas Glascock; wits: George Phillips, Charles Lovelace, Isaac Proctor.  [Leadley p. 115]


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