"Nancy" Agnes Renwick Family 

Ireland and South Carolina

? Renwick (possible cousin)

We have no idea if she ever married but believe that it is unlikely for her to have two children without it. 
d. perhaps about 1801

?m.  "Nancy" Agnes Renwick
b. 2 Oct. 1768 Ulster, N. Ireland
d. 1835 at home, Newberry Dist. S. C.

her father: Reverend John Renwick (b. 1735 Ireland)
her mother: Elizabeth Simpson (b. 1740 Ireland)
Children (proved by her will)
Leah Renwick b. 23 Mar 1794 Newberry Dist, S.C. d. 19 Nov 1859 Lafayette Cambers Co. AL
buried Westview Cem., Lafayette, AL
m. John Lewis Machen Dec 1815 Spartenburg, S. C.
Nathan Renwick, MD b. 30 Jan 1801 Newberry Dist. S.C. d. (1835 Benton Co., AL or 11 Nov 1867 Bastrop, LA)
m. Mariah T. McCreless c1830 Newberry Dist, S.C. (dau. of George McCrelless and Eizabeth Cook dau. of Berwell Cook of Newberry Dist, SC) (b. 1812 SC - d. Nov. 1878)

Although born in Ireland, her father moved from Scotland to flee persecution as an Anti-Burgher about 1770. In Scotland her apparent great-cousin or uncle, James Renwick, was hanged as the last martyr of the Covenants on Feb 16, 1688.

See more on the Convenanters here. Covenanters Risings and the Scottish Civil War

According to an article in the Newberry Co., S. C. newpaper
"Rev. John Renwick "Brought his Anti-Burgher congregation from County Antrim, Ireland to Newberry county, South Carolina in 1767-1770. Founder of King's Creek and Cannon's Creek Churches. Elizabeth his wife, buried beside him."... "John Renwick, Sr. was and Anti-Burgher pastor. In Scotland and Ireland this was of great importance. An Anti-Burgher was one who believed it was wrong for any of their number to swear the oath of office to become a Burgher (that is a town councilman) if that oath had a religious clause in it. In America, this was not so important and soon the Presbytery that was formed had both Burgher and Anti-Burgher pastors. Dr. Thomas Clark of Cedar Springs was a Burgher pastor.

According to the A. R. P. Centennial History, John Renwick, Sr. died August 20, m 1775 at the age" of forty years old. ... Elizabeth apparently gained some financial success after his death as her will shows "that she owned four Negro slaves means that she had accumulated some financial assets. She willed one slave to Agnes, one to John and one to William. She also gave each one a good feather bed which shows the value of feather beds. Why the second daughter, Anne, didn't get a slave or a feather bed makes one think that she was well provided for by her husband. Elizabeth had cows, calves, hogs, horses, sheep and household goods.
[Newberry Co., S. C. newpaper of Friday, june 24, 1988, Women's World Section.]

Agnes came to the Colonies in 1770 being only two years old.

Although she had two children it is not known what their father's name was. Some have thought she had two children out of wedlock. One researcher theorized that she may have adopted them but no papers have been found to verify this theory. I propose that she came from a very religious family and it would have been unlikely that she maintained a good relationship with her parents and other relatives if she had had a child out of wedlock much less two children. It seems more likely that she could have married a cousin with the same last name as did happen in the Machen family. We still have no name to associate with the father.

1800, US Census, Newberry Co., Series: M32  Roll: 50  Page: 91b  This should be Nancy's mother with her father having died in 1775. In this census we seem to have a couple of families living together.   One male 16 to 26 years of age and one male 26-45, the older one could be one of Nancy's brothers and his wife and kids.  The women would have to be Elizabeth is 45+ with the two women 26-45 being Nancy and a sister-in-law.  One female child would have to be Nancy's, the other male children would have to be from her brother's family or families.  It surprises me that they have 4 slaves. 

                          males        un10   -16  -26  -45  45+       females   un10    -16   -26  -45   45+   Slaves
Elizabeth Renwick                3       1      1     1     0                              2        0      0     2      1          4

1810 - US Census, South Carolina, Newberry Co,. Series: M252  Roll: 61  Page: 169a and b These files are very difficult to read

                                   males        un10   -16  -26  -45  45+       females   un10    -16   -26  -45   45+   Slaves
John Renwick                        0      2     0     1    0                               1       0     1      1      0          ?4
Wm. Renwick                        0      1     2     1    0                               0       1     0      1      0
Nancy Renwick                     1      0     1     0    0                               0       0     1      1      0

1813 - William Renwick files a plat for 525 acres on Gilders Creek, Newberry District, Surveyed by Henry Gray.
other names mentioned Boyd, Matthew; Dugan, Thomas; Glen, Rosannah; Gray, Henry; McMorris, James; Parks, Anthony; Parks, Story; Renwick, Nancy; Renwick, William
location: Enoree River; Gilders Creek; Newberry District
[South Carolina Archives,  Series S213192, Vol. 0043, page 00325, Item 002]

1814- April 27 -Agness Renwick  files a plat for 50 acres on Gilders Creek, Newberry District, Surveyed by Henry Gray.         other names mentioned  Dugan, Thomas;  Gray, Henry; Renwick, Agness; Renwick, William
location: Enoree River; Gilders Creek; Newberry District
            [South Carolina Archives,  Series S213192, Vol. 0043, page 00532, Item 003]

1819 - Her will states:

1820 - There are no Renwicks listed in North or South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia for this year.  The only ones existing are in NY and Ohio. 

1835- Dec. 28. - Agness Renwick's will is proved. 

Will of Agnefs Renwick
The last Will & Testament of Agnefs Wrenwick ---
I Agnefs Wrenwick of Newberry District & State of South Carolina do ordain & publish this my last will & testament in manner following to wit --- first I give & devise my lands to my son Nathan Wrenwick his heirs & afsigns forever. I give & bequeath my negroe Sarah & her increase to my daughter Leah Wrenwick her heirs & afsigns forever --- Tird the residue of my estate & Property i will to be divided between my said son & daughter ---
In testimony of which I have set hereto my hand & seal in the presence of the undersigned witnesfes this 13th day of July in the year of our Lord 1813 ---
Attest -
George W. Glenn                                                              Agnefs Renwick  (L. S. )
John Glenn
Mary Glenn
Recorded in Will Book "N" Page 514-545.
Proved December 28th 1835.
Recorded May 7th, 1839.
W. Wilson Ordinary Newbery District.
Box No. 51.                Pkg. no. 122.             Est. No. 1275.
                              [South Carolina Will Transcripts, Newberry County, Ninety Six Dist. , Estate Rec. Book M, pages 544-545,  record #S108093, ]

1835 or 1867- I'm still tryin to find out where Dr. Nathan Renwick died, in SC or LA. 

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