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Auld Bridge on the Nith River, Dumfries, Scotland . photo by Elroy Christenson 1999

We don't really know who the immigrant ancestor of this family is at present. There are many Kirkland immigrants into the colonies within a period of about 70 years possibly as early as 1620. Some move into Maryland, some into Virginia, one or two into New Hampshire. Records are sketchy and incomplete as to the heirs of estates of some of these individuals. Land record transfers do not usually give the relationship of the person getting or selling the land. Many researchers use proximity and naming patterns to create linkage but this can be extremely risky when names are so similar.

Several researchers are looking principally at the immigration of John Kirtland (another variation of spelling) who arrived in Virginia in 1663 -1679. The first Richard Kirkland that seems to lead to our line may be Richard that d. c1743 Fairfax Co., VA.
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