Caleb Kirkland Family
South Carolina & Alabama

Caleb Kirkland
b. c1770-80 S.C.
d. c1830-40 unknown place

m. Sarah "Sally" (?possibly Ransom)

his father: Benjamin Kirkland
his mother: Alce _?_
Children (fourteen by one known wife)
Benjamin Kirkland
b. Apr 6, 1794 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. 9 Nov 1854 Henry Co., AL m. Winifred Armstrong
3 Apr 1817 Edgefield, S. C b. 1799 SC
Elizabeth Kirkland b. Dec. 11, 1796 probably in Edgefield Dist., S. C. * d. about 1880 m. Lewis Deal 15 May 1827 Henry Co., AL
(b. c1800 - d. 23 May 1881 Geneva Co., AL)
William S. Kirkland b. Jul 16, 1798 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. Mar. 11, 1881 Tyler Co., TX m. Ruth Kirkland 23 Aug 1821 Henry Co., AL@ (a cousin (b. 1807 )) dau. of Moses Kirkland, Caleb's brother
2m. Sarah (?) no issue
James Kirkland b. Jan 20, 1800 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. c1880 m. Blanche Ann Farrenton 24 Nov 1826 Henry Co., AL
Sanders Kirkland b. Feb 27, 1801 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. 14 Dec 1872
buried: Culp-Kirkland Cem., Henry Co., AL
m. Elizabeth Holland 10 Dec 1828 Henry Co., AL@
Caleb Kirkland b. Aug 3, 1802 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. 1 Apr 1867 probably Edgefield Co., SC*#~ m. Elizabeth Kirkland 15 Sep 1825 Henry Co., AL@(dau. of Aaron Kirkland, son of Snoden K.) (b. 9 June1808 d. 30 May 1890)~
Nancy Kirkland b. Jan 27, 1805 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. about 1850 m. John Scott 14 Mar 1822 Henry Co., AL@
Ruth Kirkland b. Oct 14, 1806 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. prior 1885 m. David Ward 13 Mar1826 Henry Co., AL(d. c1865 Civil War)@
Sarah Kirkland b. Jan 19, 1808 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. 13 Jun 1892 m. Benjamin H. Kirkland( a cousin)
(b. 27 Mar 1800, son of Moses Kirkland )
Alcey Kirkland b. Apr 26, 1809 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. prior 1880 Henry Co., AL m. William Robert Kelly 1830 (possibly Henry Co.)(b. 1803 - d c1893)
Isaac Kirkland b. Feb 2, 1811 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. 28 Apr 1868 m. Mary Ann Armstrong
13 Aug 1831 Henry Co., AL@
Asa Kirkland b. Sept 7, 1813 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. c 1839 m. Dicey Kirkland
Elizar Kirkland b. Apr 13, 1815 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. about 23 June 1842 m. Dempsey Snellgrove
Zacheriah Kirkland b. May 13, 1817 probably Edgefield Co., SC* d. by 3 Jan 1865 (probate begins) 1m. Mary Cole 15 Oct 1842 @[mar. license, Henry Co. copy w/ ec]
2m. Sarah J. Culverhouse 12 Nov 1864 [KSBR v2 p36]
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See the Caleb Kirkland Bible page. (175K jpg image file)

Caleb Kirkland was one of four brothers including Benjamin Jr., Moses and William who migrated from South Carolina to Henry Co., Alabama by the 1823. The above referenced Bible record ties together some 200 Kirkland ancestors in this location by 1850. Many migrated from the area after the Civil War. Others became the mainstay of the Henry County communities.

We still have no definitive proof of the maiden name of Sarah but as Dr. Peacock notes of the fourteen children who live to maturity "Six of these used the given name of Ransom for one, or more of their children. It seems important to list those here...Elizabeth (Kirkland) Deal who had a son named Ransom Deal; Sanders Kirkland - William Ransom Kirkland; Caleb Kirkland - Ransom C. Kirkland and Wilson R. (Ransom?)Kirkland; Nancy (Kirkland) Scott- Ransom Scott; Asa Kirkland- William Ransom Kirkland; Zacheriah Kirkland- Caleb Ransom Kirkland." There were Ransom families present in the area of South Carolina, the name does not show up in other Kirkland families and its repetitive use does give pause for this consideration as a family connection. [Peacock 172-3]

1802- Feb 20 - Deed Bk. 24, pp. 66-69, Rec. 26 Oct. 1803

1802- Feb 20 - Deed Bk. 24, pp. 58, 59, 60, Rec. 26 Oct. 1803
1804, Oct. 2 - Edgefield County, South Carolina -
1815 - Benjamin Kirkland is the only son of Caleb that has a record of service in the War of 1812. His Bounty Land records report that he served from 4 Feb. 1815 to 18 March 1815 in Captain W. Wall's Company of the South Carolina Militia. [Peacock 178]

Benjamin eventually holds a commission in the Alabama Militia as Captain of the 25th (Henry County) Regiment on 12 September 1823. On January 1, 1835 he attains the rank of Lt. Colonel while in Abbeville, Alabama. He becomes known locally as "Colonel Benjamin Kirkland".

1817-24 Caleb and his brothers Moses, Benjamin and William move their families to Henry Co., Alabama. Little in the way of records for Caleb have been discovered. The following land record seems to the last land transaction of Caleb in South Carolina and indicates his sale for the move to Henry Co. Alabama.

1820, 28 Aug.- Deed Bk. 39, p. 338-339- Rec. 3 Feb. 1823

1826 - Ruth Kirkland marries David Ward in Henry Co., AL. They soon move to Walton Co., Florida where they show up on the 1830 and 1840 Census. David voted in the election for statehood in 1845. Ruth shows up in the 1860 Walton Co., Florida census HH #422 with her family as a widow [KSBR v2, p319]. They had at least eleven children according to the 1870 census where she is 53 years old: Melita, Sarah(29), Asa(25), Jackson(23), Isaac(20), Mariah(18), Harriett(17), David(16), Zachariah(14), James(4), and Suzzin(1). The last two children could be grandchildren by age. Ruth lived with her daughter Melita who was widowed from her husband, Monroe Infinger, in 1865. In the 1880 census at age 86 she is living with son Zach, b. c1836.
                                [records of Patricia Ward, email 8/30/00]

1830 - We don't have a census record for Caleb Kirkland in Henry Co., Alabama in 1830 but his children had filed for marriage certificates in that county as early as 1821. Only one child married in South Carolina and 12 other married in Henry Co., Alabama so we feel the case is good that he was in residence there as early as 1821.

Many of the other brothers operated farms in the area. Virtually none were slave owners before the Civil War although they did have sons who served for the Southern cause. Some moved out of the area after the Civil War.

Isaac Kirkland (b. 1811) was said to have become the first major shop keeper of Abbeville, Alabama. Isaac's son, Angus Allen Kirkland, along with Zacheriah's sons, Zacheriah Taylor Kirkland and Edward Seymore "Tuck" Kirkland were very skilled carpenters and built the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1896. This building is now on the National Historical Register for its parquet ceiling, hand finished beams, and artistic woodworking and architectural details. It was voted the "number one historical structure in Henry County in 1973.

Angus Allen Kirkland had a general goods store on main street. This store supplied many of the items for the Methodist Church. Zacheriah "Tuck" Kirkland also designed and built many other structures in the area including the Southeast Alabama Agricultural School, the Henry County Courthouse (since demolished) and the First Baptist Church.

1833- Caleb Kirkland Jr. moved his family to Walton Co., Florida. They were apparently well established in the area but were driven out of the area by Indian activities back to Henry County by January 1, 1839. They take up residence on the "Old Kirkland Homestead" which probably belonged to Elizabeth's family.

1848 - Moses Kirkland, the brother of Caleb Kirkland Sr., dies in Henry Co., AL. Ruth Kirkland who married William S. above receives an inheritance from her father. Moses gives instructions for the inheritance that it "...will not be at the control of her husband, William S. Kirkland.. or subject to any of his debts." This separates this marriage from the other William and Rutha Kirkland in the area and places this as the marriage between Moses and Caleb's children. William S. Kirkland and Ruth eventually divorce 20 Feb. 1850 recorded in Chancery Court Final Book A. p. 161-194. William S. leaves the area for Walton Co., Florida in the 1860 Census. [Peacock 187-188]

1850 - Several of Caleb and Alce's children's families can be found in the Henry County census. They are listed here is order of their birth.

1860- Census, Henry Co., Alabama

Series: M653  Roll: 11  Page: 180
Caleb Kirkland            
57 m               Farmer           1000/1543      S. C. (son of Caleb and Sally)
Elizabeth                         51 f                                                               "  "  (dau. of Aaron Kirkland)
Wilson R.                        19 m              Farmer                                    Ala.
Sidney                             17 m                "                                              "
Catherine                         21 f               Domestic                                   "
Mary                                14 f                                                                 "
Ranson                            12 m                                                               "
Rachael                            10 f                                                                "
Margaret                           10 f                                                                "
John W                            5/12 m                                                            "
John W. Jenkins               35 m                                                               "

Series: M653  Roll: 11  Page: 261 (It looks like Benj. had several slaves in this census)
Benjn H Kirkland           60 m             farmer        $5000 / $22,565       SC
Sarah         "                      52 f                                                                  "
Marion       "                     17 f                                                                 Ala
Mahala        "                    15 f                                                                Ala
William        "                   12 m                                                              Ala
John  C.       "                    10 m                                                              Ala
Francis P.      "                    8 m                                                              Ala
Hester Kirkland                 70 f                                                                SC

1867, April 1 -Caleb Kirkland Jr. dies in Henry Co., AL

The handling of the estate is questioned by the heirs of Caleb Jr. almost nine years later in the following suit. Note that three of the children were born in Florida, see the 1850 census.

1878-Nov 11 - Estate Record Book Z, p57

1884, Jan 17 - from the "Columbia Enterprise", Henry Co., Alabama.


See the Caleb Kirkland Bible page. (175K jpg image file)

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