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Although the vast majority of my relatives did not own slaves there are a number who did. They're mentioned in records of wills, probates, legal ownership suits or transfers. I also have here a developing lists of slave census records from 1860 associated with some of the families. Since many of these records are very old, following the lines through these records are very difficult but may provide a clue. Slaves usually had only a first name which makes tracking these individuals very difficult if not impossible. After the Civil War they sometimes adopted the surname name of the last owners family or perhaps the owner that treated them the best. They may have used some derivation in spelling. For example there are several Holaway black families in Arkansas in 1870 although my own family is Hollaway. My assumption is that they are probably free slaves and may have been owned by my ancestors. Some of these individuals probably continued to work in the area and some even for these same families even after the Civil War. With the outlawing of slavery many of the larger land holdings were, of course, broken up and sold off just to survive. Some of the names on the following lists may be the same person being inherited from one family to another.

I put these lists here to aid other slave descendants to find their own roots. There are other families that owned slaves but I can only list what information I can find. I have listed them here alphabetically with links to the family records along with dates and locations.

1860 Slave lists , Ashley County, Arkansas
The slave schedules of 1860 Arkansas do not give the names of the slaves. It gives the age and sex of the slave and the number of slaves of each age and sex. Some of these individuals probably lived  through the Civil War to become named citizens in Ashley County, Arkansas and may have taken the last name of Hollaway/Holaway or Terry/Tery.


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